Urinary Tract Support

“UT complex has factors that can reduce inflammation, support healthy urine flow, normalize pH and has a variety of immune enhancing properties.”

Approximately 50 percent of all women will have at least one urinary tract infection in her lifetime with many women having several infections throughout their lifetime. Unfortunately for some, urinary tract infections can be a chronic problem. Over the years I have heard from numerous Clinicians that a urinary tract infection can be an underlying cause of unresponsive back pain, overall feelings of malaise or strange mental or emotional symptoms.

Sometimes overlooked, urinary tract infections, in fact, are recognized as the second most common type of bodily infection. But any infection is something to be concerned about. Finding and treating sources of hidden infections can be a big key to unlocking chronic or unresponsive illnesses.

I heard a conference call with Dr. Gary Lasneski, a world renowned health care professional, and he was talking about a new urinary tract formula that he developed to support healthy urine function, called UT Complex. He made a comment that really opened my eyes to a range of therapeutics I never considered. He said herbs are not specific to one body part. In other words, something for the lungs would probably contribute to healthy sinuses.

A product that is designed for healthy sinus function would also benefit similar types of mucus tissue, like urinary tract tissue. He also went on to say that there are no male or female botanicals. Herbs classically used for men or women are not exclusive to one gender. What I like about how Dr. Lasneski develops a formula is that he uses a 3 tiered approach.

First he uses both his biochemical and botanical knowledge to form an idea about what may work. As part of this discovery process he will hand make a series of formulas and test them energetically to see if his thinking is effective. Next, if successful, he will make larger batches himself and use them with patients for 6 months to several years. Finally, if he sees continued success, he will take the third step and ask Biotics to make a trial batch and again test to see if a manufactured product maintains its effectiveness.

If this 3 tiered level of testing continues to bring patient success, he asks Biotics Corporation to manufacture the product for clinical use. Some of his formulas have taken many years to develop but they consistently deliver clinical results. UT Complex combines chrysanthemum, cornsilk, Ahu Ling extract from the Grifola mushroom, buchu, calcium, ammonium chloride and zinc. This blend of botanicals from North America, South Africa and traditional Chinese medicine provides a unique product to safely and effectively support the urinary tract system.

  • Chrysanthemum is considered to have antispasmodic, diuretic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Cornsilk also has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the reduction of frequent
    urination caused by irritation of the bladder.
  • Ahu Ling extract from the Grifola mushroom provides diuretic as well as immune enhancing support.
  • Buchu demonstrates antibacterial and antifungal actions, and is considered an antiseptic for the urinary tract.
  • Calcium and ammonium chloride are used to regulate healthy pH.
  • Zinc has been shown to play a special role in healthy epithelial cells in the urinary tract.

Perhaps you’ve never considered natural botanicals to address urinary problems. The care and concern for patients used by Dr. Lasneski to develop UT Complex distinguishes it from other herbal formulas. UT Complex can be used concurrently with antibiotics. It can be especially effective for people with chronic infections that seem to be unresponsive to antibiotics. Ask Dr. Godo about therapeutic uses or as a preventative to avoid infections. UT Complex has factors that can reduce inflammation, support healthy urine flow, normalize pH and has a variety of immune enhancing properties. Immune “enhancing” means by using UT Complex, you are not only supporting the urinary tract, you are supporting the whole immune system; and that’s a great bonus too.