Dramatic Sinus Strategy

Try This Strategy At The First Sign Of A Cold

This week we will share a six week journey with a patient who kept clearing his throat, blowing his nose, and coughing up green mucus that ended with us learning a new strategy. The result was very dramatic and has helped many of our patients and family.

Watch today’s video to learn more about this dramatic sinus strategy you can do at home at the first sign of a problem.

Click here for today’s videoDramatic Sinus Strategy

Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN


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Stop Allergy Suffering….Goodbye Allergies, Hello Summer!

You Don’t Need To Suffer With Allergies

Are you sick and tired of suffering from allergies every year? You’ve been told that the best you can do is manage symptoms with over-the-counter (or prescription) medications. But a wellness approach to allergies can free you from allergies once and for all.

Watch today’s short video as Linda shares with Kari and Gina how she became symptom free. Perhaps someone close to you suffers from seasonal allergies; if so, please share this video with them.

Click here for today’s video…Allergies

Dr. Jason Godo DC


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