No-Cost Shoulder Pain Fix

Try This No-Cost, At-Home Therapy

Over 2 years ago, I couldn’t lift my arm above my shoulder. Manipulative care gave me some relief but my range of motion was limited. What I found that gave me complete relief and flexibility was a little known technique developed by an orthopedic surgeon to help people overcome their shoulder pain and inflexibility.

Watch this week’s video as we discuss this successful self-help technique, and talk to your clinician about shoulder therapies that are right for you.

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN

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Stop Joint Pain – For Good

Knees, wrists, ankles, fingers, shoulders, neck, hips…

Almost all people over the age of 40 have some pathological changes in their weight-bearing joints, and osteoarthritis becomes universal by age 70. This is a HUGE problem.

If you (or someone you know) are experiencing any joint problems, watch today’s short video on a nutrient that can stop joint pain and rebuild those knees, ankles, hands and shoulders.

Click here for today’s videoStop Joint Pain For Good

Dr. Jason Godo DC

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