So Called “Foods” that can Trigger Chronic Pain

“Excess consumption of refined carbohydrates can activate pain and inflammation pathways but natural oils like sesame seed oil can help.”

Patients often hear me warn about how dangerous excess sugar consumption can be. We’ve gone into detail how our bodies make a hormone called insulin to store the excess sugar. Well, did you know sugar can be an underlying cause to “pain you may be having” or at least it can be amplifying it?Wellness_Minute_Sweeteners

Come on Dr. Godo, I don’t eat that much sugar. Well, just to give you an idea of the excess sugar we consume as a nation, the amount of sugar the average person ate in one year back in 1910 was about 3 pounds. We now eat that amount in “a week.”

Do you think our bodies may be working a little overtime trying to adjust for the extra calories? Simple sugars burn quickly like newspaper in a campfire whereas complex sugars in vegetables, grains and some beans burn slower like thick wood. Fats on the other hand burn very slowly like big logs. So when someone consumes too many simple carbohydrates like bagels, pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, fruit juice or soda pop, the body makes insulin to take all this energy and store it. That’s a good thing. What’s bad is that “too much” insulin can cause problems.

One of the main factors that increase pain comes from excess consumption of arachidonic acid, which primarily comes from meat and dairy. Before I go further let me say we need arachidonic acid but we need the right balance. But here’s an interesting twist. Let’s say you were a vegetarian and would never dream of eating meat or dairy and only consume only the purest of oils. Next you take the best multivitamin/mineral to make sure you have all the co-factors to convert the healthy oils to the anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing properties that healthy oils can provide.

But let’s say that you really are a carbohydrate addict and would rather eat bread than beans and slowly your body starts to develop what we call “insulin resistance.” Insulin resistance is a precursor to diabetes and most people don’t now they have it. During this process, while the body is making excess insulin, the good oils that you are ingesting can be shunted over to arachidonic acid, the dark side, whose minions are inflammation and pain. You may think you are on the right track by “not” eating meat, but the excess consumption of refined carbohydrates can actually be activating pain and inflammation pathways.

Dr. Godo can help you calculate your potential for insulin resistance with a simple blood test. But here’s some exciting news. Some natural oils like sesame seed oil can save the day. Sesame seed oil will inhibit the enzyme that causes the pathway to go off course. This allows those good oils to continue unhindered on their way to becoming anti-inflammatory, immune and mood enhancing substances.

Sesame Seed oil has all kinds of other benefits. Sesame seed oil has a variety of liver protective, anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing benefits. One study showed sesame seed oil protected animals when given toxic amounts of acetaminophen. Another study showed sesame seed oil protected against bacterial infection from known toxins.

Good Oils For Dry SkinBiotics Research is the only professional supplier that provides organic virgin Sesame Seed oil both as capsules and the oil itself. Personally I like the whole oil rather than the capsules. It has a nice nutty flavor so it can brighten up some of your old “favorite” dishes and salad dressings. I love to add it to stir fry’s right at the end to make sure I don’t denature the oil. Because it is organic make sure you refrigerate it to preserve shelf life.

As I said, many people have insulin resistance and aren’t aware it’s a problem. Studies done with people “living over 100 years of age” reveal that the level of insulin sensitivity of the cell is one of the most important markers of lifespan. So you want to pay attention if you experience fatigue or drops in energy, brain fog, feeling agitated or jittery, intestinal bloating, becoming sleepy after eating or have increased fat storage.

Dr Godo is trained to detect and test for insulin resistance. Adding Sesame Seed Oil along with a healthier diet can help reduce symptoms and get your blood sugar balanced. Don’t wait till insulin resistance ends up as Type 2 Diabetes. Notice the warning signs, and do something about it.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC