Digestion/Elimination Problems?

A Great Way To Get Your Gut Back In Order

Here’s a great way to tune up your digestion and elimination. If you have any digestion or elimination problems, give this a try – it goes way beyond just probiotics. Watch today’s video to see if BioFiber Complete might be right for you.

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN


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Test Your Bowel Transit Time

Easy, At-Home Transit Time Test

One of the best ways to measure gut health is to measure transit time–the time it takes for food to travel from mouth to rectum. If your transit time is too long, undigested food sits in a heated environment, fermentation begins, and food byproducts begin to rot and putrefy. If your transit time is too short, nutrients are not being absorbed.

Watch today’s video to see how to test your transit time at home.

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN


To get suggested supplements go to: http://www.GetBiotics.com

Patients can get 20% off when ordering online by calling our office to get a promotional code to enter at online checkout to get 20% off your online orders. Office number: 773-525-0007

NEW Probiotic for Kids

Exciting New Formula For Children

This new strawberry-flavored lozenge has the ability to turn on a part of our immune system that fights runny nose, ear aches, sore throats and coughs. This new product could be huge for your kids this school year.

It was developed for children, but you can benefit as well. Watch this week’s video as I discuss this new probiotic formula called Children’s ENT-Pro.

Click here for today’s videoChildren's ENT-Pro

Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN


To get suggested supplements go to: http://www.GetBiotics.com

My current and former patients can get 20% off when ordering online by calling our office to get a promotional code to enter at online checkout to get 20% off your online orders. Office number: 773-525-0007

Healthy Bacteria & Immune System Health

“Some researchers believe many degenerative disease like Type II diabetes & some types of cancer are the result of a dysfunctional immune system.”

When a topic catches my attention, I attend conferences, pour over research papers and trace references until I have satisfied my intellectual lust for information. Such is the case on the topic of autoimmunity and the work of Dr. Alex Vasquez.

Autoimmunity, a condition in which our own immune system attacks other bodily systems, is one of the most rapidly growing conditions of our time. As we age there is a natural progression of our immune system. It changes and moves toward degrees of autoimmunity.

Some researchers believe that many of the degenerative diseases we contract like Type II diabetes and some types of cancer are the result of a skewed or dysfunctional immune system. Selfishly we want to be aware of the factors which modulate or encourage a balance of our immune system.

Starting with the basics, Dr. Vasquez, a physician on the forefront of Wellness, brings to light some very interesting benefits of probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria in our bowel, prebiotics are foods that feed the bacteria and synbiotics are combinations of probiotics and prebiotics.

Did you know that “diet” profoundly affects probiotic flora in the gut? We know that sugar and refined starches can create an environment that “limit” healthy flora. But according to Dr.Vasquez, food can be an “accelerator” for healthy bacteria.

Most people think of food in terms of taste. Some consider the types of calories they are ingesting. A rare individual may consider a food’s vitamin/mineral content. But to think that food can enhance probiotic growth is an idea most of us have never thought of.

Although the human body, consists of about 100 trillion cells, there are as many as ten times more microorganisms in our intestines. Over 95% of the bacteria in the gut are anaerobes. Directly, we can only supplement aerobic bacteria, but by eating more plant based foods and taking the right supplements, we can create an environment to let bacteria “intercreate.”

Plant based foods support healthy probiotics. There is a cross feeding that takes place. As elements interact, they can have an anti-inflammatory and a barrier strengthening effect on the gut. And here’s something I find both interesting and amazing. Healthy bacterial flora can “modify” the food we eat into a more viable or bioavailable form, which means nutrients are absorbed more readily.

We commonly think of probiotics flora as protection. For example, our flora can modify or change methylmercury, a highly absorbable toxin found in fish, and demethylate it into an inorganic form that is far less bioavailable. But bacteria in the gut actually modify many of the phytochemical agents in plants to make them more bio-available.

Some nutrients in foods are either non-absorbable in their natural state or they are not in their active forms. Once they are acted upon by the enzymatic activities of healthy bacteria, they can be utilized by the body. Probiotics can stimulate the conversion of the “inactive” nutrients from plant based food into “active” substances with anti-cancer properties. This modification process not only protects us but helps create an environment that facilitates a stronger immune system.

Hope this will inspire you to get off the refined foods and consume a higher percentage of plant based foods. Eating more plant based food could mean you might need to discover new ways to shop for food and maybe even new ways to prepare food. But eating healthier is a major component for wellness.

Also talk to Dr. Godo about probiotics. He will know which probiotic is best for you and which probiotic contains active healthy bacterial flora. Dr. Godo can help you with dosage, monitor your progress and even offer suggestions that will help you improve your diet.

We truly are living in exciting times that we can see the interconnectedness and interdependence of the human body. Conditions like autoimmune disease may be on the rise, but by practicing Wellness principles and living a Wellness lifestyle, you can stay healthy and live life to its fullest.

Dr. Jason Godo


Anti-Biotics vs. Pro-Biotics

“The good bacteria in your intestines can be challenged by the bad bacteria, and the bad bacteria can cause health problems.”

The Good Guys vs. the Bad Guys? Sound familiar? We see this conflict in movies and read it in books; and if you are like me, I always want the good guys to win. Well in case you didn’t know, the same conflict is going on inside your intestines with bacteria. The good bacteria can be challenged by the bad bacteria. And actually, the stakes are higher than most people realize.

The bad bacteria are harmful bacteria that can cause health problems ranging from mild to severe. Bad bacteria compete with the good bacteria for living space and food. These bad guys aren’t fooling around. They generally win if their numbers are large. They may also release toxic substances. This may cause many of the good or healthy bacteria to die off.

Here are some of the factors that cause the growth of bad bacteria: stress causes a change in the pH of the bowel, causing the healthy bacteria to stagnate; low fiber will starve out the healthy bacteria; a sugar-laden diet, feeds the “bad” bacteria; high trans-fats or hydrogenated oils have a negative effect on bile in the gall bladder stimulating an environment for the growth of bad bacteria. We need healthy bile flow to create the proper pH necessary to proliferate good bacteria.

Another factor is antibiotics. Whether we take the pills or if we consume commercially prepared antibiotic tainted chicken, beef or pork, we’re getting the side effects of antibiotics.

Eating too fast can cause the growth of bad bacteria. If we eat too fast we’re not digesting our food properly, and our enzymes are not killing the bacteria that are naturally present in our food.

So if you think about it, most people have one or more of these factors. That’s why digestion problems are one of the most common health problems today. And if the bad bacteria persist, you are at a greater risk for disease.

The more research accumulates, the more we find that intestinal dysfunction is a contributing factor to just about every condition. A huge part of fixing the GI tract is balancing the micro-flora. In other words, we need the “good guys” or healthy bacteria to come to the rescue.

We need a supplement of healthy bacteria called a probiotic. One capsule of a good probiotic contains billions of healthy “good guys” to come to your rescue. Healthy probiotics have been shown to: improve digestive function, modulate the gut immune system up or down, increase the growth of aerobic bacteria, decrease bad or unfriendly bacteria, reduce leaky gut, improve liver function and support a healthy gastro-intestinal mucosal lining. If the good bacteria win, there are many benefits for your overall health. Ask Dr. Godo about probiotics. I recommend a probiotic that is combined with a prebiotic. A prebiotic is valuable to make sure that the healthy bacteria can grow, kind of like putting starter fertilizer on new grass.

Once healthy bacteria are replaced, you can stop supplementation. However, several times a year, it is recommended that you go on a periodic “re-seeding” with the healthy bacteria. The goal is to keep a high ratio of good bacteria in your bowel. Probiotics have been successful in not only the treatment of existing health issues but in prevention as well.

When you go to purchase a probiotic, be advised, many of the over the counter probiotics when tested do NOT meet label claims, and in many cases the healthy bacteria are already dead. Dr. Godo will see to it that your probiotic has billions of active healthy bacteria combined with the prebiotic you need.

Help is on the way, and the “good guys” can win. Contact Dr. Godo’s office for further information and recommendations about probiotics.