Natural Hypertension Solutions


“Over 90-95% of hypertension is considered to have no known cause and treated with drugs that can cause serious long term side effects.”

“How did we get to a place in medicine where it is considered unconventional to ask people to stop smoking, meditate, walk, and eat a healthy diet and conventional to cut people open, blow balloons up in their arteries, and put radioactive stents in them.” That’s a quote from a new book by Dr. Alex Vasquez “Chiropractic Management of Chronic Hypertension.” Dr. Vasquez presents natural and life changing solutions for hypertension, which is the medical term for high blood pressure.

In his book, he reveals that over 90-95% of hypertension is considered idiopathic which by definition means “of no known cause.” In the medical community if there’s no known cause, treat it with drugs. Medical standards dictate that anti-hypertensive drugs have to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life. And because reductions in high blood pressure are so slight, drugs have to be used in combination.

So it is very common for a patient to be on several expensive anti-hypertensive medications for life; medications that can cause serious long term side effects and do not address the underlying physiologic causes.

Consider that hypertension is more than a disease; it is a business, big business. “Among allopathic /osteopathic family medical practices it is the leading cause for patient visits and clearly the leading diagnosis in family medical practice.” Direct annual costs far exceed 185 billion per year in the United States. In fact in 1998, the direct costs of hypertension in the United States were calculated to be 12.6 % of health care expenditures. That was in 1998. The last time I checked, medical costs were still rising.

People turn to medications because they are convinced it’s their only course of action. If you have high blood pressure, you have reason to be concerned. Hypertension means you are walking toward the edge of the cliff of cardiovascular disease and strokes. But there are natural therapies that can help. You can stop and turn around.

Over 25 years ago, my friend came to one of our multidiscipline clinics with a blood pressure of 220/120. After three chiropractic visits, the numbers dropped to a staggering 160/100. After reviewing his lab work, we found elevated heavy metals specifically cadmium. After 6 months on a nutrient dense program, he was able to drop it further to 120/80. What makes his story so amazing is that he continued to work 16 hours a day, fathering 9 children while being treated, so the treatment was effective even under extreme stress.

Finding the source of hypertension is detective work, and it may take multiple visits and several tiers of lab testing. Dr. Godo can help you bring your blood pressure down naturally and safely without the side effects of drugs.

Many people don’t know that vitamin D, Coenzyme Q along with certain types of therapeutic fasting, as well as diet and lifestyle changes, have been effective in reducing blood pressure. Instead of being on a medication for life, make lifestyle changes for life that will help you spring back to good health.

Hypertension is a warning light on your “health dashboard” signaling for you to make major changes. Blood pressure medications can cost $150 or more each month, and the list of side effects goes on and on. Why would we ever consider this treatment conventional?

Instead, take a Wellness approach to high blood pressure. See Dr. Godo, and get started on a program that is right for you. It’s not too late. With a little help, you can do it. Dr. Godo will address the “underlying causes” of why your blood pressure is elevated and help you make positive changes, changes that enhance optimal health and have enormous long term benefits.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC