Back Surgery “Alternative”

No Surgery Wellness Alternative

Dennis was in considerable pain, his MRI showed a ruptured area between vertebrae in his lower back, and he was destined for surgery. That was before he contacted his wellness clinician. He learned how surgery could have severe adverse effects for the long term.

Getting the right medical advice is not always easy. Watch today’s short video as Dennis shares how he came to a wellness care decision, the therapy he experienced and how he is doing today.

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN

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What Should You Buy… Butter or Margarine?

Which Is Better… Butter Or Margarine?

The food choices you make can make a BIG difference in how you feel, but how do you know what choices to make? Watch this week’s Wellness Minute to find out which is better, “Butter or Margarine?

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN

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Worse Than Banned DDT But In Some Of Our Foods Now

Buy Organic With These Foods

Many say that new data on the pesticide “glyphosate” shows it to be even worse than DDT which has been banned in this country for 30 years.  Watch today’s short video to learn where it is showing up in the food chain, how it accumulates in your tissues, and the crucial role it plays in many health conditions and diseases.

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC

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Fibromyalgia: New Hope – A New Approach

Removing Newly Identified, Underlying Causes of Fibromyalgia Pain

The standard medical approach to treating fibromyalgia is a lifetime of “managing” the pain with drugs that all have scary warnings. Don’t give up hope! There is a new approach that focuses on eliminating the source of your chronic pain.

Watch this week’s Wellness Minute video to learn about removing the newly identified underlying sources of fibromyalgia pain.

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC

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Pain (& Medication) Free

This Could Work For YOU

This week’s Wellness Minute is a powerful story about recovery from pain.  An injury left him in constant pain, and traditional treatments provided only limited relief. After switching to a Wellness approach he became pain and medication free.

His story is a wonderful reminder that Wellness works.  Please watch today’s video, and consider a wellness approach for your chronic pain.

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC

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Your Medication Could Be Depleting Vital Nutrients

“Many prescription drugs can reduce absorption and cause depletion of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes crucial for good health.

 If you take prescription drugs, here are some nutritional facts especially for YOU. Many people who are on prescription drugs, as well as many doctors and pharmacist who administer them, don’t understand that some medications can reduce absorption and even cause depletion of vitamins, minerals, and  electrolytes crucial for good health.Dr. Jason Godo DC

Well Dr. Godo, I take prescription drugs, but I take vitamins, should I be concerned? With certain drugs I’d be concerned. Simply put, many drugs while intended to help people, deplete crucial nutrients in the body. Over time, if you don’t replenish the body, nutrients become seriously depleted and can cause a downhill slide to further health problems.

You may have heard that statin drugs deplete CoQ10. But did you know that statin drugs directly or indirectly deplete nutrients like beta-carotene, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, folic acid, phosphorous, vitamin A, B12, vitamin E, vitamin K, zinc and vitamin D? Coenzyme Q10 is famous for its role in the mitochondria and for energy production. But minerals and vitamins are necessary for energy production as well, especially magnesium, which is deficient in most Americans and is a major influence on heart function. Think about it, you take statin drugs to reduce cholesterol; but in doing so, you deplete the nutrients that are needed for healthy muscle function. Hmmmm, isn’t the heart a muscle? What could possibly go wrong?

Another group of nutrient depletions are caused by diuretics. It makes sense that diuretics as a group will deplete minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium as forced increased urination is the goal of the drug. Increase urination and you will have a loss of minerals, probably all minerals. However, an important nutrient lost with diuretics is B1. Thiamin (B1) is essential for healthy sugar metabolism. Many people are not aware that B1 is a huge deficiency and should be supplemented with anyone who is taking diuretics.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs are another class of drugs that cause stomach bleeding. In fact over 16,000 people die every year from NSAID use.

Some gastroenterologists are aware of this phenomenon and routinely use a natural supplement by Biotics Research Corporation called Gastrazyme. Gastrazyme supports healing of the GI tract when you are taking NSAIDs for pain. If you take NSAIDs, ask Dr. Godo about Gastrazyme.

NitroGreensOral contraceptives are another class of drugs that deplete nutrients. It is very common for families to take oral contraceptives and plan a pregnancy only to find they can’t conceive. I wonder if maybe it is the lack of depleted nutrients that causes the systemic or metabolic inflammatory problems that prevent conception. It’s very possible. The deficiencies caused by oral contraceptives are beta-carotene, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, tryptophan, and tyrosine.

SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are antidepressant medications that deplete B6, B12, folic acid, vitamin D and sodium. Even if SSRIs don’t directly deplete essential fatty acids we know that “people who are depressed can benefit from supplementing essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids can help with inflammation and depression.”

Anti-diabetic medication will reduce Coenzyme Q10, folic acid and B12.

Do you take antibiotics frequently? Antibiotics obviously cause a need for flora replacement, but did you know that “antibiotics will cause depletions in biotin, inositol, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and vitamin K?

The drugs I’ve mentioned and many more create nutrient deficiencies. If your medication was not mentioned, you may find them on the Nutrient Drug Chart. You may be taking one or more prescription drugs. I recommend that you see Dr. Godo and get examined for factors that cause nutrient deficiencies.

If you’ve made the decision to take pharmaceuticals, especially long term, you should at least compensate by supplementing the nutrients that are depleted by these drugs. Foundationally you need to take a quality multivitamin/mineral, balanced essential fatty acids, and an active probiotic.

Talk to Dr. Godo about the medications you take. They can help you replenish vital nutrients necessary for living healthy. Knowing the truth about your prescription drugs is the first step. The next step is doing something about it.

Dr. Jason Godo

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Stopping Joint Pain

Almost all people over the age of 40 have some chronic degenerative changes in their joints. The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy states that osteoarthritis becomes universal by age 70. Knees, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, ankles, bones in the feet and the over 200 bone surfaces in the back are all prey to degenerative changes in the joints. This is a huge problem and yet there are many things we can do to prevent and even reverse osteoarthritis.

Commonly prescribed over-the-counter medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs provide temporary relief, but many people don’t know these drugs have dangerous side effects. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, joint and liver problems, and even death. 16,500 people die each year from the negative side effects of taking NSAIDs. On the other hand, the nutrients suggested by Dr. Godo provide a variety of positive side effects and in some cases are cardio (heart) protective.Joint Pain

Healthy joints mean healthy cartilage. We have cells in our cartilage called chondrocytes, and these cells build new cartilage but at the same time chew or break down the damaged /aged cartilage. So growth and destruction are taking place simultaneously. It’s a healthy balance. But when the destructive phase exceeds the growth phase there is a greater amount of damaged or aged cartilage present; friction occurs, pain is experienced and ultimately degeneration.

Normally, cartilage is slippery. It is valuable to assure your bones glide easily across each other. Cartilage is also a shock absorber to protect you from injury. To imagine how slippery the cartilage between your joints can be, think of 2 perfectly smooth, slightly wet, ice cubes rubbing together. They effortlessly glide quickly and easily without catching or tearing. Now imagine a substance 5-8 times more slippery than ice. That’s your cartilage. No man made substance can compare to the low-friction and shock absorbing properties of healthy cartilage.

Clinicians use many effective strategies to treat osteoarthritis. Some recommend minerals, antioxidants, fish oil or even hormones. But here, I’d like to focus on how you can feed your joints with purified chondroitin sulfates. The beauty of using a Wellness approach is that when we feed our joints we are also feeding other areas of our body. I know we are talking about osteoarthritis; but often when we feed the body in one way, we inadvertently support other organs.

Dr. Lester Morrison used purified chondroitin sulfates for patients with documented heart disease back in the late 70’s. He was interested in the effects that purified chondroitin sulfates had on certain fractions of cholesterol and was hoping he could help patients increase their cardiovascular health. In a six year study, Dr. Morrison using purified chondroitin sulfates showed significant results in coronary health involving 120 patients with arteriosclerosis.

Knee Joint PainLet’s look at the results. Of 60 patients that were treated with purified chondroitin sulfates, only 6 suffered coronary events resulting in 4 deaths. A comparable group, also of 60 people using “conventional” medical therapy, resulted in 42 coronary events and 14 deaths. These are dramatic results, and they were achieved by using purified chondroitin sulfates daily. Imagine taking a supplement for your joints and your arteries become more flexible.

We use the term “purified” because most other forms of chondroitin available are from beef trachea and contain collagen, making it difficult to digest, which will limit its absorption significantly.

Studies like this are exciting because they highlight the willingness and ability of the body to repair itself. When Dr. Godo makes nutrient recommendations, realize the benefits are far reaching; for example by supplementing with essential fatty acids to reduce pain, chances are you will probably find your skin improves. Fix your digestion and you will notice your hair and nails have new luster. The same is true for supplementation to feed your joints. Daily use of purified chondroitin sulfates, while highly effective for improving joint health, support coronary health and other areas of your body as well.

If you are experiencing joint problems, give Dr. Godo a call; ask about purified chondroitin sulfates for natural joint care and repair.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC