Autoimmune Disease On The Rise

“Have you noticed in recent years, a growing number of people have conditions related to their immune system, and this group is on the rise.”

Have you noticed that in recent years, a growing number of people have conditions related to their immune system? Think about it, how many people 10 years ago had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, lupus, or Sjogrens? Yet this group of conditions is on the rise.

The technical term for these conditions is autoimmune disease. Before we go further, let me give you a simplified definition of autoimmunity. Normally the immune system recognizes what is “self “or what is “not-self.” Anything which is self is tolerated; however, anything in the body which is identified as “not self “is attacked. That’s the keyword for me, identified.

Normally the body does a great job of differentiating which is which. But sometimes the line gets blurry, and the body thinks “self” is “not self” and tries to destroy it, which means it tries to attack itself or at least a part of itself. If the tissue that is being attacked is thyroid, we might call it Hashimoto’s thyroiditis; if the tissue is skin, we might call it psoriasis; if the attacked tissue is joint tissue, we might call it rheumatoid arthritis; nerve tissue, we call it MS; and connective tissue, we call it lupus.

Here’s the billion dollar question. What causes that line of self vs. non-self to be blurry? One factor that can contribute to autoimmunity is heavy metals: like lead, mercury, cadmium, excess iron and aluminium. In fact Dr. David Brownstein looks first to heavy metals as the culprit especially for autoimmune disease of the thyroid.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon, has years of experience with autoimmune patients. In his excellent book “Health and Nutrition: Secrets That Could Save Your Life,” he agrees and clearly shows how mercury and other heavy metals can cause autoimmunity.

Another theory for the blurry line of autoimmunity revolves around smoldering infections. I am referring to chronic infections and chronic inflammation. The way white blood cells work is to blast the bacteria, yeast, or virus with free radicals. However, if there is a global deficiency of antioxidants, the tissue surrounding the area where the infection is breeding will suffer.

Antioxidant depletion can be caused by old age, stress, lack of sleep, hydrogenated oils, junk food diets, physical trauma, a systemic acid chemistry, or heavy metals. Researchers are also discussing that pesticides, plastics, food allergies, low cholesterol, vaccines, or vitamin D deficiency can trigger the lack of discrimination

between self vs. non-self. But regardless of the ultimate cause, poor digestion and gut dysbiosis play a huge roll.

Most people don’t like to think about it, but amoeba, unwanted bacteria, lack of healthy bacteria or excess yeast can be present in all of our bowels. The body will make antibodies for these organisms; and if the gut is compromised, they will leave the GI tract and look for things that are similar in structure, a process called “molecular mimicry.” Antibodies are designed to kill or destroy things. We don’t want them to hurt us, just the bugs.

So think about it, all the factors I’ve mentioned thus far can contribute or cause intestinal permeability. Intestinal permeability should be factored directly or indirectly in every autoimmune condition. 50 – 70% of the immune system by weight either originates or is located in the gut. With a Wellness approach, the gut is at the forefront of therapy.

Often before doing complicated testing you can apply simple principle and save thousands of dollars. Apply the basics: Bio-D-Mulsion Forte, an emulsified vitamin D, has a profound effect on gut health and a calming effect on many autoimmune conditions.

Next, Dr. Godo can recommend a superior multiple vitamin like “ProMulti-Plus” that is loaded with antioxidants. Ask Dr. Godo about the “Food for Life” diet to reduce dietary toxins. You may be advised to stop all grains and dairy. It’s surprising how many people are sensitive to wheat and dairy. You can’t heal the gut if you are reacting to food sensitivities.

Also, take an active probiotic such as BioDoph-7 to help balance the humoral and cellular parts of the immune system and supplement with an essential fatty acid blend to reduce inflammation and support healthy cell membranes.

Changes in diet and lifestyle allow your body to build a stronger infrastructure. The greater the changes, the healthier your cells and cell membranes will become. The greater the lifestyle changes the more antioxidant reserves can build up to reduce pain and inflammation. More and more people are being affected by autoimmune disease ask Dr. Godo for help.

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