Try This No-Cost Technique to Fix Digestive Problems

Try This Super Simple Digestion “Fix”

Ever feel wiped out after a meal? I’m talking about that bloated, gassy feeling; or for some people, sleepy in the afternoon, or mentally foggy.

It could be your lunch… here’s why!

If you eat starches together “with” proteins during meals it reduces your stomach acid levels creating digestive issues.

Watch this week’s video for a super simple way to “combine” foods that can bring about more energy, less digestion problems and more mental alertness after meals.

Say goodbye to those yawns after lunch, watch this video.

Click here for today’s videoSimple Digestion Trick

Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN

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Hidden Source of Bad Health

Chronic Pain… Fatigue… Depressed?

An unhealthy gut is often misunderstood and overlooked. When your gut is unhealthy your body can react with more than just the normal heartburn, gas, bloating, or conditions like irritable bowel syndromeAre you experiencing pain, fatigue or depression? Watch this week’s interview with Dr. Cindy Howard as we discuss how your digestive system may be the hidden source of your health challenge.

Click here for today’s videoHidden Source of Bad Breath

Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN

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