The Cholesterol Scare

OK, Your Cholesterol Test Was High… Now What?

Cholesterol results can seem scary and you want to do the right thing. Dr. Cindy Howard discusses how cholesterol works and the options available to you. You’ll find her comments insightful.

If you are on statin drugs or before you go on statin drugs, watch today’s short video and learn more about cholesterol.

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60 Second “Bursts” of Exercise

Click the picture or link below to discover the how you can increase anti-aging growth hormone AND burn more calories with weight loss: Minute 60 Second Burst of Exercise

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Remarkable Relief From Chemical Sensitivity

“Sensitivity of chemicals, automobile exhaust, smoke, perfume, or any commercialized or synthetic odor might be greatly helped with a nutrient called molybdenum.

Are you sensitive to chemicals, automobile exhaust, smoke, perfume, or for that matter any commercialized or synthetic odor? This may describe you or maybe someone you know.

It’s not that uncommon. You know the person who goes into a salon and has a reaction to the chemicals in the air or has mental fog when they get close to the perfume aisle in a department store. This person also might get headaches when they get close to a heavily chlorinated pool or be carbohydrate sensitive. If they eat sweets, for instance, they may frequently experience what we in the nutritional field call “Candida yeast syndrome.” This is where dietary sugar feeds the growth of yeast and the result is a host of symptoms.Wellness Minute Molybdenum Remarkable Relief From Chemical Sensitivity

We all have sugar highs and lows but this person really has systemic issues. This person may also have a tendency toward anemia, though they have taken all the iron, B12, folate, vitamin C, and copper necessary to correct the problem. A typical blood test might reveal they are low in uric acid. Okay Dr. Godo, sounds like this person needs help! ALL these different scenarios describe someone who might be greatly helped with a nutrient called molybdenum.

I first learned about molybdenum from my colleague Dr. Wally Schmidt. Years ago, he explained in a lecture called “common threads,” that one of the by-products of yeast metabolism is acetaldehyde. Molybdenum is necessary to convert acetaldehyde into other acids for healthy use in the body. If the body is not processing acetaldehyde properly, it can build up in the system. Then exposure to a small dose, whether by smell or internal fermentation, becomes an excess and can weaken the system.

Since Dr. Schmidt’s lecture, I have been able to help many people with these symptoms. Dr. Schmidt developed an interesting test where he would find a strong muscle, any strong muscle, and then have the patient smell some type of acetaldehyde substance; for instance, nail polish remover. If the strong muscle weakened, then there was a good chance the body was already overloaded with acetaldehyde.

Something as small as a good whiff would cause a strong muscle to go weak. He then instructed the patient to chew a tablet with molybdenum, re-sniff the acetaldehyde, and then retest the muscle. To everyone’s amazement, the weak muscle would be strong about 85% of the time.

Wellness Minute Molybdenum Remarkable Relief From Chemical Sensitivity 2Just to give you an idea of how fast it can work, I was co-hosting a lecture to a group of doctors in Minnesota one day; and we were close to a heavily chlorinated indoor pool. One of the doctors had an immediate headache upon entering the seminar. She was going to leave the seminar when I asked her to chew 3 Mo-Zyme Forte tablets and see if anything changed. Mo-Zyme Forte is a supplement that contains 150 mcg of molybdenum in a vegetable tableting base. To my delight, within 30 minutes her headache was completely gone.

Now recognize, molybdenum isn’t going to fix the severely environmentally challenged patient. In these cases there are so many mechanisms going on that one mineral is not enough. However it is remarkable how many people it will help. So if you or if someone you know experiences symptoms from chemicals, automobile exhaust, smoke, perfume, or for that matter any commercialized or synthetic odor, try molybdenum.

A reliable source for molybdenum is Mo-Zyme Forte by Biotics Research. It’s available from Dr. Godo’s office. It’s safe. It’s worked for many people, and it could work for you. Contact Dr. Godo’s office on this page to learn about dosage and how to order. Ask for Mo-Zyme Forte.

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Biotics Tableting Base Loaded With Antioxidants

With most over the counter brands, if you take a 50 mg tablet of B6, you would also be getting as much as 450 mg of compressible sugar, starch, lactose, cellulose, or dicalcium phosphate?

 We all like to get more than we pay for, don’t we? We like a good deal, which is one of many reasons why I recommend you purchase your nutrients from a health care professional instead of a chain or discount store. With most over the counter brands, if you take a 50 mg tablet of B6, you could also be getting as much as 450 mg of compressible sugar, starch, lactose, cellulose, or dicalcium phosphate?

What if you are taking 3 products at a dose of 2 three times a day? The “inert” filler in that product could easily add up to 4 or 5 grams. But what if you could buy a supplement that had “food” as the tableting base. Even better, what if therapeutic levels of nutrients were added to that food source while it’s growing? This would give the product enhanced nutrient levels to support clinical therapies yet the fillers used would be food.

If the food was processed at low temperatures, it could have therapeutic value and even enhance the effectiveness of the nutrients. That was the thinking behind the Biotics Research “vegetable culture tableting base,” and the results have been beyond their expectations.

Due to the exciting research in the late 70’s on superoxide dismutase, Biotics acquired a biotechnology division of a midsized pharmaceutical company that was the first to commercially prepare superoxide dismutase or SOD for short. It is essential that our bodies make SOD in the mitochondria as well as the cytoplasm to protect the inner working of the cell.

Researchers estimate that SOD is the 5th most prevalent enzyme in our bodies. Here are some of the ways SOD is used therapeutically: conditions associated with excessive free radicals, low white blood cells, rampant viral or bacterial infection, all forms of arthritis and inflammation.

Most of the tablets and capsules in supplements by Biotics Research have both SOD and catalase as the filler; so rather than “inert sugars and powders,” the Biotics tableting base provides real food. About 20 years ago, Biotics expanded their phytochemistry lab and hired additional biochemists with the express purpose to find out what else was in their tableting base they call the vegetable culture.

One of their scientists, whose last name was so difficult to pronounce everyone called him Dr. Dave, had worked for years with pharmaceutical companies in the jungles isolating plant compounds. Dr. Dave found Biotics’ vegetable culture loaded with antioxidant compounds far beyond the SOD and catalase. He found gram for gram that the tableting base had the highest antioxidant capacity of any one single herb. That’s amazing, the “filler” yields significant antioxidant activity. Now, that’s a good deal.

Wellness clinicians worldwide use Biotics because they can guarantee a biologically active tablet that will dissolve quickly and easily and therapeutically delivers far more than is what is on the label. Which product would you prefer to take if given the choice? Nutrients from a discount store with “inert” fillers or therapeutic nutrients integrated into a whole food base? This doesn’t even take into consideration the purity and activity of the therapeutic product. We are just talking about the tableting base.

Years ago I began using nutrients by Biotics Research with my patients. Through clinical use, I’ve come to respect and depend on the purity, potency, and consistency of their supplements. Their unique tableting base offers something you can’t find with other products. Purchasing nutraceutical grade supplements through your Wellness professional guarantees you are not only getting what you pay for, you are getting more than what you pay for, and you can’t go wrong with that.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC  (order Biotics Products)