Alzheimer’s Wellness Approach

90% Reversed Cognitive Decline

It comes as no surprise that drug therapies have failed miserably to slow the rate of Alzheimer’s. However, a recent article in the Journal of Aging reports that, when combining multiple wellness approaches over a 2 year period, nine out of ten people showed a reversal in cognitive decline. Some people even learned new languages and were able to add columns of numbers in their head.

If you (or someone you care about) suffer from a decrease in mental performance, watch today’s short video to learn the wellness techniques used in this surprising study.

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN

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Homemade Veggie Chips

Tastes Great & Good For You
You may have noticed, even many of the brands of vegetable chips sold in health food groceries contain “not so healthy” oils as well as preservatives. Choose your favorite combination of vegetables and try making your own.

Watch Kari’s recipe for these delicious veggie chips.

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Dr. Jason Godo DC

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