Weight Loss Hit A Wall?

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You were losing weight at first, but you hit a “plateau”. Are you discouraged? Should you stay the course? Give up? Can you lose weight, and keep losing weight, and never hit a plateau? The truth is, there may be other factors to your weight loss struggles that you may have never considered.

This week’s video discusses “The Weight Loss Plateau” with a clinical and practical perspective to get you back on track.  Watch today’s short video.

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Dr. Jason Godo, DC, RN


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Don’t Accept Poor Health

Drs. Said She Would Never Get Better (What She Did…)

Do you “live with” any chronic health challenge that just keeps coming back despite taking over the counter medications and even prescriptions? Sharon’s quality of life was terrible; something had to change. She decided to see a wellness clinician and is no longer a slave to medications that were only managing symptoms.

Watch today’s video and see what a wellness approach might do for YOUR chronic health challenge.

Click here for today’s videoDon't Accept Poor Health

Dr. Jason Godo, DC


To get suggested supplements go to: http://www.GetBiotics.com/DrGodo

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How To Lower Your Body’s Toxic Overload

Toxic load is the cumulative effect of the pesticides, hydrogenated fats, sunscreens & mosquito repellents, deodorants, toothpastes, and any chemicals not readily processed & expelled.

We hear the word “toxic” used to describe everything from chemical waste and household mold to toxic relationships with toxic people. Toxic means “poisonous” with the potential for harm or even death. Just Google “oil spills in the United States” and you will be surprised at the year by year results. Many of them are NOT reported in the news and people don’t realize their toxic effects. The sun and heat on crude oil emits benzene as well as a plethora of other hydrocarbons.Godo Chiropractic Toxic Overload

Before we think we are safe because we don’t live near an oil or chemical spill, a recent study shows arctic birds are laden with chemical toxins. Who lives in a more pristine area than an arctic bird? Scientists are measuring the excrement of arctic birds and finding heavy metals and chemicals in their waste.

Let’s be truthful, there are toxins in the air from industry and pollutants invading us from all kinds of manufactured products. But rather than getting depressed, let’s consider TOXINS and what we can do. All of us carry a toxic load. Our toxic load is the cumulative effect of the tainted environment we live in, pesticides we eat in our food, hydrogenated fats we get from fast food restaurants, sunscreens and mosquito repellents we apply to our skin, our deodorants and toothpastes or any chemicals that our body is not able to readily process and expel.

The body stores toxins to protect us and then breaks them down as fast as possible. Usually it takes several steps to break down the fat soluble toxins because the body must attach a water soluble handle to it so it may be expelled without doing more harm to the cells and organs on the way out of the body. Two factors slow the process. One is that it takes certain co-factors to break down the toxins. If those co-factors which we need in tiny amounts are not present, the body will have to find another way to either break it down or store it until the necessary ingredients are available.

The second reason is that the toxins are coming in so fast that the body can’t break them down safely. Again in the best interest of your health the body stores them until the right environment and materials are available to dismantle them. So the term “total toxic load” refers to all the toxins your body in its wisdom has stored until such a time that it can dispose of them.

Remember, your body is working in your best interest and wants to clean house and function at top speed. Here’s the important point: we all have a “total toxic load.” As the toxic load increases so do the symptoms our body displays to signal that an overload is occurring and major changes are necessary. Stuff is breaking down. So let’s say our toxic load is 40%, due to our lifestyle and diet. Next, we breathe indoor air all winter long, our house has some mold or cat hair, maybe it goes to 60%, no big deal. We consume wheat or dairy or another food that we are mildly sensitive to. Our load goes up to 80% but now it is spring and this year the pollen is excessively high. Suddenly our toxic load rises to 90% and we experience symptoms.

Godo Chiropractic Toxic OverloadSo what does that mean? “Symptoms that we call headaches, brain fog, allergic reactions, fatigue, or even painful inflammation may be our body trying to unload some of its toxic load.”

From a naturopathic perspective, if we lower the entire toxic load by eating cleaner food, cutting out the dairy and gluten, get an air purifier or whatever we need to get rid of the mold, we can now go outside without experiencing what we would call seasonal allergies.

There are several strategies to lower your toxic load. You can start by eating a cleaner source of food, drinking purified water and consulting with your wellness clinician about antioxidants, alkalizing nutrients, multi vitamin/mineral support, essential fatty acids and probiotics. Dr. Godo recommends Pro-Multi Plus (athletic multi-vitamin/mineral with high b-complex), Bio-D Mulsion Forte (vitamin D liquid), and Optimal EFAs (essential fatty acids combination) for patients as the basic regimen to health and consistent detoxification. Ask Dr. Godo about the different types of detox programs and find the right one for your schedule and budget.

I’m always amazed at how many conditions disappear after lowering someone’s toxic load with a good detox. Everyone, anywhere will get toxins. It’s inevitable. Even the arctic birds do. So if you want optimal health, ask your clinician about lowering your “total toxic load.”

Dr. Jason Godo, DC


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Foods That Are Zapping Your Brain

“Flavor enhances called excitotoxins are added in large doses to food that cause excitement in the brain, cells become exhausted and die.”

Have you ever wondered why the food at most restaurants tastes so good? Maybe you’ve tried to make it at home, but even if you have the recipe, it doesn’t taste “quite” the same. This is because “flavor enhancers” or MSG is added to most of the foods in restaurants as well as packaged foods, soups, salad dressings, etc.Wellness_Minute_Flavor_Enhancers

“Flavor enhancers” called “excitotoxins” are added in large doses under misleading names that sound harmless. Excitotoxins are toxins or poisons that cause excitement in the brain. Certain brain cells get excited and they fire rapidly. Cells become exhausted and in one hour they suddenly die.

Excitotoxins are “free radical” generators. Glutamate, aspartate, and L-cysteine can stimulate large amounts of free radicals within exposed neurons. This results in the progressive death of these exposed motor neurons which can lead to  neurodegenerative diseases. Excess excitotoxic stimulation results in the buildup of free radicals and eventually it overwhelms the cell’s ability to neutralize them.

Take a look at the list of ingredients on the packages of foods you buy. Is ONE or MORE of these added? Vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, textured vegetable protein, sodium or calcium caseinate, enzymes, spices, autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, natural flavor, carrageen, broth or stock.

Infant formulas are loaded with flavor enhancers like MSG. Many baby foods, especially toddler foods, have large amounts of MSG added to them. This is dangerous and harmful for the developing brains of children.

We have an epidemic of attention deficit disorder, mood disorders, outbursts of anger and other mental illness that are diagnosed in children! I’ve had several calls from young moms with babies that develop seizures in the first year of life. Doctors prescribe drugs with dangerous side effects for these seizures. I’ve recommended Mixed EFAs and organic or homemade baby foods. “Mysteriously” the seizures are gone.

I have treated many children whose mothers were desperate for answers when their children presented behavioral problems that are routinely treated with drugs. In every case I found low blood sugar to be a major factor. When their diet was changed their behaviors remarkably improved and not one has needed to resort to medications.

The elderly are at risk as well. Let’s face it, neurodegenerative diseases are at an all time high and rising. Food industry lobbyists go to drastic means to prevent knowledge of this from being made public. Money is the driving force behind it.

The food industry uses deceiving methods to keep us from knowing these “excitotoxins” have been added to our foods. We are told that only small amounts are being used and are not harmful, based upon animal research. The truth is: Humans are more susceptible to MSG than ANY experimental animals; our brains are five times more sensitive than mice and 20 times more sensitive than the rhesus monkey.

Marketers also claim that these excitotoxins can’t penetrate the blood brain barrier which protects our brain. That’s not exactly true. The brain receives the same blood that flows through the body. Therefore, it is exposed to high concentrations of chemicals in the blood from metabolism and from the diet. Some of these chemicals are toxic to the brain. Without the blood brain barrier these chemicals would do serious damage to the brain and spinal cord.

This barrier excludes some substances while allowing others free passage. NutraSweet® opens the blood brain barrier and the glutamate that is in your blood seeps into the brain. For example, a person with MS can get significantly worse for days or weeks after eating just one serving of a food containing flavor enhancers.

Wellness_Minute_Flavor_Enhancers1Dr. Godo can recommend supplements which can be effective to help stabilize your blood brain barrier and coach you how to protect your brain. We want to avoid ANY additives in our diet that can cause excessive neuron damage. With supplementation we can assist the cell’s ability to combat the accumulation of free radicals in the brain by supplying antioxidants.

Supplements which support the fight against free radicals in the brain are N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid, taurine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

And along with supplementation let’s get back to real food. Fresh, natural and  organic foods possess properties science has yet to understand, and best of all, the taste is amazing without added neurotoxins. Plus if we eat real food, we won’t have to worry about compromising of one of our most valuable assets… our brain.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC


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Is Snoring Keeping You Awake?

“I must confess I was pretty skeptical; however after 3 days, my wife said my “snoring” was gone.”

Do you Snore? You might say “never” or, “maybe” or, “How would I know, I’m asleep.” If we asked your mate, they will definitely have the answer. A couple was in the office last week, and here’s what the husband said. “My wife says I am a puffer. Kind of a … (puff a few times) is that annoying? But even as a puffer, sometimes I keep my wife awake because she is such a light sleeper.”

Wellness Minute Transcript Snoring 13

So as innocuous as a little puffing may seem, it can cause some serious discomfort in your mate’s sleep and ultimately how they function the next day. But let’s look at snoring as one of the clues we can use to identify the need to live a healthier lifestyle.

A September 2008, study in the journal “Sleep” showed “Heavy snoring to be an independent risk factor for early carotid atherosclerosis. The study is rather technical but here’s the short version. 110 people were categorized as mild, moderate, or heavy snorers in a sleep laboratory. Two researchers were blinded to the snoring history of each subject and listened to a sound signal from a room microphone. Each individual snore was  manually scored and a snore index was created based on snores per hour of sleep.

Participants were placed into one of 3 groups: 0-25% was defined as no snoring to mild snoring; 25-50%, moderate snoring; more than 50%., heavy snoring. Here’s what the authors had to say about heavy snoring: “Our data clearly demonstrates that heavy snoring is an independent risk factor for early carotid atherosclerosis which may progress to be associated with the development of stroke, representing a major cause of morbidity and mortality.”

You might be thinking, could my snoring or my spouse’s snoring be that serious? What about mild snoring? Should I be concerned? What about the baby boomers who want to function at peak mental capacity. Snoring may be the motivation for you or your spouse to finally decide to get healthy, real healthy.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to change. But if the carrot is big enough, all of us will travel in uncharted waters. The risk of atherosclerotic plague, compromised healthy brain function, and possible stroke as well as the behavioral and interpersonal issues of snoring may be strong enough reason to take action.

So what are some of the natural things you can do to help reduce snoring? From a physical therapy point of view, anything that can increase muscle control in the throat and soft palate will help. Singing, especially employing throat warm-up exercises used by professional singers, will strengthen lax muscles. Done 30 minutes a day, throat exercises can be a cost-effective snore-reducer for people and even help mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Wellness Minute Transcript Snoring 13bFrom a nutritional point of view, a friend and colleague Dr. Brian Sandborn shared with me a little remedy. To reduce snoring, try taking L-Carnitine. He uses one tsp which is 3 grams of L-Carnitine before bed. L -Carnitine has many functions, but one of its principle roles is to mobilize fat. The word picture that I like is that Carnitine is like a fork lift carrying fat into the energy part of the cell called the mitochondria where the fat can be burned.

I decided to try it for the patient’s puffing.  Because it is tart, I had him mix it with about 3 ounces of fruit juice and 6 ounces of water. I must confess I was pretty skeptical; however after 3 days, his wife said his puffing was gone.

L-Carnitine and vitamin C is just one strategy. Ask Dr. Godo about L-Carnitine and other ways to reduce snoring. But remember, therapies that work for one person may not work as well for another. We are all biochemically unique. That’s why your individualized approach with Dr. Godo is so valuable. He can help you assess strategies that work for you. Ask for help. Your spouse will sleep better, you’ll reduce serious risk factors, and you’ll be healthier.I just saw Dr. Sandborn a few weeks ago and he reminded me that Carnitine is made from Lysine if adequate vitamin C is present. So whenever you supplement with Carnitine, make sure you are getting sufficient vitamin C.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC


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