Supplement Industry “Shocker”

“Approximately 4 out of 5 of the products purchased from Walmart, Target, Walgreens & GNC contained NONE of the herbs listed on their labels.”Dr. Godo Chicago Chiropractor

A recent New York Times article on nutritional supplements shocked many people. The article published revealing studies about the quality of supplements sold at several well-known “big box” stores. If you’ve ever purchased nutritional supplements from a chain retail store, you definitely need to consider the New York state attorney general’s action against Wal-Mart Walgreens, Target, and GNC. In an unprecedented action, the state has requested these stores to stop the sale of all the products in question.

Of course, until all the facts surface, I don’t want to act as judge or jury; however, some things are really clear. As part of its investigation, the attorney general’s office bought 78 bottles of the leading brands of herbal supplements from a dozen Walmart, Target, Walgreens and GNC locations across New York State. Then the agency analyzed the products using DNA bar coding, a type of genetic fingerprinting that the agency has used to root out labeling fraud in the seafood industry. Approximately four out of five of the products purchased at Walmart, Target, Walgreens and GNC contained NONE of the herbs listed on their labels. In many cases, the authorities said, the supplements contained little more than cheap fillers like rice, wheat, powdered beans, peas, carrots or house plants.

The product contained NONE… none of the herbs listed on the label. Consumers wasted their money on cheap fillers, even fillers like wheat which can cause adverse reactions, even though the label claimed it to be wheat and gluten-free.

How could this happen? The investigation was based on a 2013 study in Canada using similar DNA technology. That study tested 48 products from 12 companies and found basically the same theme, a lack of the botanicals as stated on the label and the presence of contaminated fillers not stated on the label. Critics of both studies claim that the DNA technology was not an acceptable method to determine the presence of the herbs. They say the manufacturing process itself may have disrupted the DNA bar codes. But here is what makes the four “big box” stores cringe. Using the same DNA testing methods, a 2013 Canadian study testing 44 products from 12 companies found 2 of the 12 companies DID produce DNA sampling consistent with label claims. Interestingly, the DNA testing was sufficient to determine the cheap fillers. These findings are evidence enough for any consumer to STOP and pay attention.

As for most Wellness professionals, it’s no news to them. But clinicians are alarmed by just how bad the results were. We’ve believed for years that manufacturers who produce products for retailers at such reduced prices could never have sufficient quality control. It takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money to purchase and use the sophisticated equipment needed to test the presence and activity of botanicals. And don’t think this problem exists just for the “discount” nutrition houses. Many of the so called professional lines are no more than marketing companies that often do not manufacture their own products much less use extensive testing.

From time to time Dr. Godo shares the Wellness Minute, you may hear him refer to specific supplements. Dr. Godo recommends products by Biotics Research Corporation with complete confidence. Over his 12 years as a wellness professional Dr. Godo has come to appreciate the consistency and quality of their supplements. Are there other effective supplements available? Of course, he will do his best to let you know which supplements are recommended. All supplements are not created equal.

Dr. Godo Chicago ChiropractorBiotics Research Corporation is a leader in quality control. All supplements by Biotics Research Corporation contain the biologically active ingredients listed on the label and are tested for environmental contaminants.

If you would like more details you can go online and read the New York Times article “New York Attorney General targets supplements at major retailers.” It’s an eye opener.

Dr. Godo shares this because his main concern is your pursuit of wellness. Along with diet and lifestyle, supplements are a huge piece of the wellness puzzle. Trusting Dr. Godo’s recommended supplements, brand choices and dosage is wise. Dr. Godo spends time, energy and money learning about nutrition and the companies that provide quality supplements.

In light of this recent article, I hope you feel more informed and are inspired to talk to Dr. Godo about purchasing nutrients and supplements that have real quality control behind them because that’s when you will get the results.

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