Sinus Protocols – Fivefold Sinus Strategy

Sinusitis is often classified as the following:Wellness Minute Allergy Relief 2

  • Acute: Less than 4 weeks
  • Sub-acute: 4-12 weeks
  • Chronic: More than 12 weeks.


  1. Reduce factors that cause excessive mucus production and inflammation by reducing wheat, dairy and sugar. My experience is that eliminating wheat and dairy can fix 50% of chronic patients regardless of their presenting complaints. In other discussions sugar intake has been linked to reduced immune competence. Reducing sugar intakes is therefore essential for chronic cases. Other foods may also have to be evaluated. Many companies are available to evaluate food sensitivities. Just to give you an idea Bio-Tek 206-365-1256 utilizes bloodspot technology to determine IgA and IgG antibodies from 96 different foods for around $200.00
  2. Thin existing Mucus. Iodine is necessary to make an enzyme called muconase, which is an enzyme which helps digest mucus and has a thinning effect. Liquid Iodine Forte 6 droppers full in a water bottle and drink throughout the day. Iodine also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Proteolytic enzymes combinations particularly Bromelain CLA may also prove beneficial promote drainage and thereby enhancing access to other antibacterial/antifungal agents. Intenzyme Forte 4-10 tablets qid (4x/day).
  3. Rinse or Wash away excessive mucus by using a nasal lavage to thin the mucus and soothe membranes, I have 2 recipes listed below that have worked well. The salt water is more soothing and the iodine is more therapeutic but I encourage my patients to try both and see which one provides the greatest relief.
  4. Add nutrients that have antibacterial and antifungal properties, of course we are talking about our emulsified oregano oil-ADP (4 tid) another product that works in conjunction with ADP on deep underlying fungal problems is FC-Cidal at 2 caps three times per day.
  5. Support the Immune System for chronic infections by feeding the immune system with immune modulating botanicals and homeopathics. Bio-Immmunozyme (2 tid) , IAG (3 tablespoons in juice drank throughout the day) and 21stCentury Fungal Yeast (1/2 capful bid).

This part of this program involves increasing the virulence of the host. Feeding the patient’s immune system can accomplished by adding trace vitamins, minerals and botanical agents. One of the best foundational immune products is Bio-Immunozyme forte. If patients have any immune regulation issues I use this as their multivitamin to provide key trace nutrients. We often forget how powerful things like zinc and selenium can be if patients are deficient. Bio-immunozyme also provides a healthy dose of antioxidants and immune support glands like thymus, spleen, liver, adrenal in a neonatal form. Another way to increase a healthy immune response is to increase Natural Killer Cells. The Arabinogalactan product IAG has been shown to increase natural killer cells and can be used with serious cases.

The final product I discussed is a homeopathic product specifically designed to alert the body to fight yeast and fungus infections. The purpose of the homeopathics is to alert the body to seek and destroy underlying or hidden fungal infections. 21st Century Fungal-Yeast infection, can be used at ½ capful twice per day. Yes this is a comprehensive program and it can be expensive. But chronic sinus problem are really a serious problem for some people. Remember, any time we have a source of chronic infection there can be a problem sooner or later.

Sinus ReliefRinse and Salt Lavages

The following Lavages can be tried individually and then allow the patient to see which one brings the most comfort as the nutrient s and diet reduce mucus and inflammation. These are by no means the only sinus washes available but the ones listed below are safe and bring comfort. If you find others that bring comfort and relief please share the information with us that we may share with others.


Use 8 ounces of pure water (no fluoridated or chlorinated water), add ½ teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt and a pinch of baking soda to adjust the pH. Use a teaspoon and inhale through one nostril while closing the other. Try to inhale a teaspoon, blow your nose and inhale another. Continue the process 2 or 3 teaspoons until you feel you have maximum benefit. The salt will dehydrate the bugs and bring relief to the nasal passages. It also thins and strips mucus, expect to cough up or see multicolored mucus when you blow your nose. The salt water mixture can be used throughout the day.


Take one spray bottle used for nasal sprays like the Afrin bottle. Empty the contents and rinse the bottle. Add about 6 drops of glycerin that you can procure from your local pharmacy to the empty bottle. Add 6 droppers full of liquid iodine forte and then fill the bottle with distilled water. Shake vigorously to mix and spray as needed. The glycerin helps the iodine stick to the sides of the nasal passages and giving the iodine more contact with the areas which breed infection allowing it to provide more relief. Use as needed.


Mix 10 drops of liquid iodine forte into 1 cup of warm filtered water with ¼ tsp of salt. Rinse nasal sinuses and gargle mixture several times per day.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC

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