Do You Have “Hidden” Food Allergies?

“Most people with chronic health challenges have hidden food allergies they don’t even know about.”

I want you to hear this, because it might change your life. Most people with chronic health challenges have hidden food allergies they don’t even know about. What if I was to tell you just eating bread or oranges could be the cause of migraine headaches? How about corn causing high blood pressure? How about dairy foods cauHidden Food Allergies Causing Headachessing asthma or arthritis? Before you tell me “no way,” listen to this study that was done in 1979 and written up in one of the most prestigious medical journals, “The Lancet.”

Sixty patients with frequent migraine headaches were investigated to see if mild food allergies could be the underlying cause. The average time span of headaches for women was 18 years and for men 22 years, so these were people were no strangers to pain.

Here’s how the study unfolded. Each of the 60 patients was asked to eat just 2 low allergen foods a day for five days, things like lamb and pears. Kind of boring I know but interestingly enough, most of the headaches were gone after just 5 days.

Then each patient tested 1-3 foods a day looking for reactions. Besides headaches, reactions could also be lethargy, depression, anxiety, flushing, dizziness, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea or rashes. When the reactive foods were avoided, there was a dramatic fall in the number of headaches per month. Headaches were reduced from 402 per month to 6 per month; in fact, 85% of the patients became headache free. No drug has ever, ever been able to match that kind of result.

Another interesting side effect of the study was that of the 15 patients who had hypertension at the beginning of the study, all had their blood pressure return to normal once they discovered and removed the offending foods.

Here are the foods that caused reactions: 78% of the people tested reacted to wheat, 65% reacted to oranges, eggs (45%), tea and coffee (40% each), chocolate and milk (37% each), beef (35%), and corn, cane sugar, and yeast (33% each). The average number of offending foods per patient was 10; some reacted to only 1 food, but some patients reacted to as many as 30 foods. Remember, reactions are not only headaches, mild food allergies can be a huge factor in any chronic health challenge: fatigue, irritable bowel, chronic pain of any kind, anxiety, depression, even some heart conditions.

What if stopping bananas could reduce your arthritis pain? Wouldn’t it be worth it? So, how do you know if you have hidden food allergies? There are many food allergy tests available, but none of them are 100% accurate; and let’s face it, they can be costly. And even if an allergy test identifies food sensitivity, it doesn’t mean people will stop eating that food. However, if a nagging symptom goes away when you abstain from a food, and then the symptom returns when you start eating that food again, the light comes on. Pain and discomfort are powerful motivators.

Wellness Minute Transcript Food Allergy 11-4Dr. Godo can put you on a simple allergen-free diet. After a short time of abstaining from the most common food “triggers,” Dr. Godo can coach you about which foods to add one day at a time to see if you react. It will take a little detective work on your part and may cause you to try some different foods for a while, but hey, who has the most to gain by trying? You do. You may even have some fun as you begin experimenting with different foods and new tastes. You can always go back to eating the way you used to eat. But it just may be possible that some of the foods you’re eating every day are the underlying cause of your health challenge.

Dr. Godo is valuable in helping you discover which foods you may be sensitive to. It’s time to end the insanity of doing the same things over and over. You need a change. Discovering your hidden food allergies and foods that you are sensitive to could be the answer for you. Ask Dr. Godo how you can get started. You’ve been wondering why you have those aches and pains, why you feel tired, or why you keep gaining weight. Let’s find out.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC

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