Stop Running To The Drugstore For This

“You may not recognize certain health problems can be helped by taking a Wellness approach, for instance…”

Are you wellness minded? Maybe you are or maybe you’re somewhere in the process of becoming wellness minded. Changing how we think can take time. It’s exciting to discover nutrition and wellness because it is so life-enhancing. With wellness “in mind” you make decisions about “what to do” when you experience health problems.Wellness Minute Transcript Wellness Minded 5

With wellness “in mind” you evaluate foods and nutrients to feed your body. Becoming wellness minded is turning a corner to face the underlying cause of a condition rather than to cover up the symptom, or push it back in a corner. You may say I take vitamins, try to eat better and exercise a little but with certain areas of my health, I cave in. I either “avoid” dealing with the underlying causes, stay in my “comfort zone” or make choices that may make the problem worse. As a nutritionist, I can tell you, you are not alone. Many people do the same thing.

This can happen for several reasons. You may get impatient and want a quick fix. But it’s possible that you may not recognize certain health problem can be helped by taking a Wellness approach; for instance, that little headache you get in the afternoon. What’s your first thought? Is it to grab some ibuprofen or is it what did I eat? Did I drink enough water today? Is my toxic load high from breathing commercial chemicals, being exposed to mold or some allergen? If you know these factors, you can avoid taking drugs and address the problem naturally and often just as quickly.

Here’s an example: Are these the kind of things people say if they are wellness minded? “I get dandruff so I have no choice but to buy dandruff shampoo; I’m getting arthritis, like my mom. I guess that just means I’m getting old; My ankles swell during airplane flights, I have to take something for it or I won’t be able to get my shoes on; Some days my joints are so stiff I just don’t feel like exercising; My allergies are acting up again, I’d better take an antihistamine; Every winter I get sick with bronchitis. It’s a good thing my insurance covers antibiotics; My real fingernails break or crack, so I wear the fake ones; Every night, I take a harmless little sleeping pill before bed or I don’t sleep well; I’m having horrible indigestion. Somewhere I have a coupon, buy one antacid get one free.” These may sound funny but they are real.

Can you see how people fall into a routine? Without thinking, people make choices and the consequences are prolonged health problems or worse. On the other hand, if we are wellness minded, each situation I’ve just illustrated would be played out differently. Common conditions like dandruff, nails breaking or other skin conditions are signals your body is deficient. By ignoring the symptom and the deficiency, we leave the door open for other problems.

Wellness Minute Transcript Wellness Minded 6Symptoms like arthritis, swelling ankles, allergies or stiff joints are glaring red flags. Your body is giving you a warning sign. Someone who is wellness minded will allow the signs to be a catalyst for change: changes in diet, a detox, a regiment of supplements, all to get to the underlying cause. With a wellness approach, symptoms do go away but something greater happens. You experience a higher level of health.

The same is true with winter colds, trouble sleeping or indigestion. A wellness approach puts you on a higher path that leads to feeling better and offers greater immunity for the future. I want to encourage you. Keep watching the “Wellness Minute” and learn to be wellness minded.

Obviously, you will get the very best results by working with Dr. Godo’s help. It’s like having a personal trainer or coach. With diligence and patience you can do it. How you feel every day defines the quality of your life; and as we age, that can make the difference between a “just getting by” life or a fulfilling life.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC

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