Amazing 31% Body Fat Reduction in 8 Weeks

Raise human growth hormone 770%, reduce body fate 31%, increase your mitochondria 100% & maybe reduce a few wrinkles in as few as 8 weeks .

HGH or human growth hormone is a peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. A non-steroidal hormone, it regenerates tissues for growth and repair of many cells in the body. What happens when your HGH levels are low… erratic sleep patterns, bone loss, increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, strength, and mental function.

According to the Life Extension Foundation, HGH or human growth hormone declines by 50 percent every seven years after the ages of 18 to 25. What if I told you, you could raise human growth hormone 770%, reduce body fat 31%, increase your mitochondria 100%, and maybe even reduce a few wrinkles in as few as 8 weeks by exercising one hour per week?

Well, a small but impressive study was done with middle age hospital employees in rural Mississippi. They didn’t even ask participants to change their diet and yet with as little as one hour per week, “exercise induced” growth hormone was raised 770% in 8 weeks.

Think of your lean muscle mass as a furnace that burns fats, carbohydrates and to a lesser degree protein. As we age our lean muscle mass shrinks. That means our ability to burn fuel also shrinks. We can modify our diet but ultimately we have to find a way to increase the size of the furnace if we want long term weight loss.

Exercise physiologist, Phil Campbell explains how to dramatically increase lean muscle mass with as little as one hour of exercise per week with no changes in diet. His method is called Sprint 8. Here’s how it works. Begin with a 3 minute, fast paced warm up. After your muscles are warmed up, expend 30 seconds in an “all-out” fast-fiber recruiting exercise. Campbell calls it “a type of anaerobic cardio sprint.” By the end of the 30 second sprint you should be praying you can finish strong. This all-out sprint is followed by a 90 second recovery period which is equal to the intensity of walking. The 30 second sprint plus the 90 second recovery totals 2 minutes.

The program is called Sprint 8 because you work up to doing 8 of these cycles. 8 cycles lasts 20 minutes (including 3 minute warm up and 1 minute cool down). To achieve the increased growth hormone levels of 770% participants in the study averaged 3 sessions per week, which comes out to one hour.

Researchers told the subjects to start with 2 sprint cycles and work up to 8. According to Campbell if you think you can do more than 8, you are not doing them correctly. Sprint 8 can be done with cycling, swimming, skiing, running, cross-country skiing, elliptical equipment, power walking even weight training. Any type of exercise that involves large muscles like the legs and has a 30 second “all out “sprint component qualifies. Keep in mind the benefits of increasing growth hormone: a reduction in adipose fat, increases in oxygen utilization, muscle strength, as well as muscle growth and repair. It also increases calcium retention and mineralization of the bone which is very important for osteoporosis patients.

One of the things you can do to enhance the benefits of growth hormone is to eat about 25 grams of protein after the workout. Be sure not to dampen the growth hormone spike by consuming refined sugar drinks which will raise insulin levels.

Campbell’s book Ready Set Go! Synergy Fitness for Time-Crunched Adults details more about the benefits of growth hormone. You can also watch the Sprint 8 workout videos online.

For me this exercise concept is life giving. There are so many people who are metabolically stuck. Sprint 8 can be a way to turn your metabolism around. Some people may not be ready for the full version of Sprint 8 but give it a try. A one hour per week method that causes a 770 % increase in human growth hormone and 31% reduction in body fat in 8 weeks is very impressive.

Dr. Jason Godo


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