Good Oils For Dry Skin

“Dry skin is a classic sign of your body’s need for essential fatty acids, the “good” oils like oils from fish or seeds and nuts.”

 If you can rub your arm and a small amount of friction causes skin to slough off, what should you do? Dry skin can range from mild to severe, slightly uncomfortable to very painful. Sure you can use moisturizers and lotions, but many contain toxic chemicals which are absorbed through your skin. Lotions can provide temporary relief, but they definitely don’t fix the problem.

Dry skin is a classic sign of your body’s need for essential fatty acids, the “good” oils like oils from fish or seeds and nuts. We become deficient because our diet may not include enough good oils. Don’t feel too bad, many people lack essential fatty acids until they learn how to add them to foods and how to  supplement regularly.Good Oils For Dry Skin

Knowing how much and how often to supplement is important too. Here’s an example. My brother-in-law Jerold supplements regularly with Biomega-3 Liquid, a pleasant lemon flavored fish oil that’s easy to take. He  was taking a tablespoon daily for overall health and prevention. But the winter temperatures caused him to experience dry and cracked fingers. He said his fingers were so rough that when he tied his necktie, the silk would fray due to his cracked fingers. So in addition to his daily dose of 1 tablespoon, he added an extra” tablespoon of Biomega-3 Liquid daily on a salad. In 2 weeks the cracks were gone. Once he reached sufficiency he cut back to 1 tablespoon daily.

Here’s a similar story. A friend I’ve known for 18 years recently told me how he was addicted to lip balm. He used it every winter as long as he could remember. His lips got so chapped he never went anywhere without chapstick. He began to show an interest in wellness and about two years ago he started taking essential fatty acids regularly a blend of oils rich in Omega-3, 6 and 9’s. One wintry day he observed someone applying lip balm, he suddenly thought to himself I haven’t used lip balm for two winters! Even though he was taking essential fatty acids for vascular health, to his surprise, essential fatty acids prevented dry chapped lips.

I have heard plenty of stories how essential fatty acids in the right dose have helped dry skin, but I hope you get the point. Your skin can tell you a lot, if you pay attention. Your body has approximately 100 trillion cells. Each cell is surrounded by a thin barrier like membrane. Essential fatty acids help to keep that membrane soft and permeable, meaning healthy nutrients can get into the cells and toxins can  leave. A deficiency of good oils can cause the cell membrane to become “sluggish.” Not only will nutrients have trouble getting in, many of the everyday toxins we are exposed to can become trapped in the cell.

If your cells are unhealthy, you will be too. We can clean and revive our cells by feeding them what they need. Beyond cell membranes, essential fatty acids are needed for hormones, immune function, pain and inflammation reduction, blood sugar stabilization as well as healthy heart and blood vessel function.

Good Oils For Dry SkinEssential fatty acids and particularly fish oil is the number one class of anti-aging supplements. You can order essential fatty acids directly from your clinic right here on this page. To get started try Biomega-3 Liquid, popular because of its pleasant lemon flavor. Start with one tablespoon daily; if you don’t see results in 2 weeks, add another tablespoon.

It’s good to rotate oils, so you may also try Mixed EFAs, a blend of oils from seeds and nuts. Start with one tablespoon daily. It’s odorless and tasteless, so you can also apply it topically as a moisturizer that is safe for your skin to absorb.

For more details, give Dr. Godo’s office a call at (773) 525-0007. If you have dry skin, try essential fatty acids; you really WILL feel a difference.

Dr. Jason Godo, DC   Discount code “DFILC501”

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