Simple Headache Treatment With Dramatic Results

“She explained that her headache was gone by the beginning of the third hour, and she only needed two doses.”


Here’s a story about a mom who had crippling headaches and how a simple treatment had quick results. A mom, who lives in our neighborhood, was on her second day of blinding, migraine pain when our paths crossed. She explained to me how difficult it was to manage three small boys when she had to be in complete quiet and darkness.


She was wincing as she related her situation. I felt so bad for her; I gave her a bottle of Biomega-3 liquid and suggested she try taking 1 tablespoon an hour for 3 hours. I learned of the “tablespoon an hour technique” from a doctor in California but had never tried it. Each teaspoon of Biomega-3 liquid has 1400 mg of EPA/DHA so a tablespoon would yield 4200 mg of EPA/DHA. That’s a lot of Omega-3 oils. I knew that high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids can have dramatic anti-inflammatory properties and that if she was consuming the standard American diet, which she was, chances were pretty good that the fish oil could break the cycle.


I explained that it may cause diarrhea to consume so much fat quickly but even the diarrhea may help to reduce toxins that the colon may be harboring. I wanted her to know that a good “clean out” is okay and actually might be very therapeutic.


Since I was giving her the oil for free, I asked her to let me know what happened. For several months I never heard from her so I figured it didn’t work. This week I saw her down the street with her 3 boys and was able to ask her some details. She explained that her headache was gone by the beginning of the third hour, and she only needed 2 doses.


She had had another bout of migraines the following month, and she used the Biomega-3 liquid again and it worked equally as well. Obviously I told her that it worked because she is so deficient in healthy Omega 3 oils, and she needs to take some every day to build up her organ reserves.


The goal for all of us is to reduce what I call “systemic levels of inflammation.” Fortunately, the high dose fish oil worked for her; but I suggested she look at some of the other factors that could be  causing inflammation. Consuming foods she may be allergic to like gluten or dairy, eating foods high in hydrogenated oils, consuming too much fructose or MSG can all add to elevated levels of systemic inflammation.


We all read bits and pieces of information or hear advice about our health, but it really helps to be accountable to someone. Work with Dr. Godo and make a plan, one that you can live with.


One way to monitor your progress is to take the Nutri-Q test and follow the recommendations for 90 days then retake the test. You will be surprised by how much better you feel when you apply wellness principles daily and take a few nutrients to restore or rebuild your nutrient organ reserves.


It’s nice to hear dramatic results like the mom with migraine headaches, but isn’t it better to experience continued health and avoid those inflammatory moments all together? Let’s not wait until we are at the edge of our health cliff before we make changes. Let’s get healthy… so healthy that our family and friends ask us what are doing to look and feel so alive.


Dr. Jason Godo

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