Change Your pH To Get Healthy and Prevent Disease

“Blood pH is tightly regulated, so even a slight drop brings the body to a relative acidic state and hormones & enzymes cannot function optimally.


One of the foremost things we can do to get healthy and prevent disease is to keep the body in balance and let it do what it does best: repair, rebuild, and replenish. To me the first key to balance is optimal pH. The more you understand physiologic pH, the more you will be convinced about how important it is.


Without the correct pH, hormones and enzymes cannot function at their maximum capacity. We can measure pH clinically. The optimal pH in oxygenated arterial blood is 7.35 – 7.45, optimal pH in carbon dioxide laden venous blood is 7.3 to 7.4. Blood pH is VERY tightly regulated, so even a drop to 7.25 brings the body to a relative acidic state.


The blood compensates by using natural buffers to return to optimal levels. Buffers are dependent upon minerals. Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc are all essential for the buffer system to work.


Most Americans are in a state of mineral deficiency, so where do these minerals come from? That’s right, they are recruited from tissue and bone. For example, a pH drop from 7.3 to 7.2 in the blood will stimulate bone degeneration as well as inhibit bone rebuilding.


I recently learned another way to look at pH from Dr. Jerry Tennant, an ophthalmologist, who struggled with encephalitis and various neuropathies for seven years before he cured himself. In his book “Healing is Voltage,” he shares that pH is a function of voltage. Dr. Tennant discusses that chronic diseases are always associated with an acidic pH which is the same thing as saying that chronic disease is a loss of voltage.


For me this concept rings true; cells need energy to protect themselves, reproduce, carry on respiration etc., etc. Health is associated with the presence of voltage. In other words, healthy people have an alkaline pH. But here is the point that really hits home. The ability to hold and conduct a charge is dependent on minerals.


Minerals come from plants. How many ways and how many times have we heard we need to eat a greater percentage of a plant based diet. It’s a common thread in any natural healing system.


One way to determine pH is with first morning urine. The pH of first morning urine reflects the body’s ability to buffer excess acidity or net acid excess. According to Dr. Russell Jaffe the ideal pH should be 6.5 – 7.0. This means that a pH below 6.5 indicates that the acid buffering “systems” are struggling to maintain balance. The beauty of this test is that it is something you can do at home to monitor your own diet. Dr. Godo can provide the pH paper; then, you can bring the results in. Dr. Godo can monitor your progress and suggest therapeutics that will slowly change your cellular energetics. Some suggestions are as simple as drinking pure water and increasing the percent of fruits and vegetables in your diet.


The challenge for many people is that they have not trained their taste buds to enjoy a plant based diet. This is where green drinks can help. Biotics Research has put together an organic blend of heirloom plants as both dried juice and sprouts. It’s loaded with naturally chelated minerals in a plant based form. It’s the only formula that I know of that is from heirloom seeds and is 100% organic.


NitroGreens contain a full spectrum compliment of organic fruits, sprouts, grasses, and vegetables which can be effective to balance pH. Mixing ½ scoop of NitroGreens with some vanilla or chocolate almond milk over ice is very refreshing as an afternoon pick me up. Personally I really enjoy mixing NitroGreens with vanilla coconut milk. But everyone has different tastes and the key is to have fun and use what flavors you already enjoy. Start with a small amount of NitroGreens and increase until your body starts to crave higher doses.


Wellness is a journey and sometimes you have to start slowly. The goal is to reduce the processed “acid forming” foods and increase fruits and vegetables. Talk to Dr. Godo about optimal pH and how to keep your body in balance so it can repair, rebuild, and replenish.


Dr. Jason Godo

“Blood pH is tightly regulated, so even a slight drop brings the body to a relative acidic state and hormones & enzymes cannot function optimally.


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