Restore Your Sense of Inner Peace – GABA

“This new GABA enhancing product has been effective in reducing anxiety, seizures, insomnia & some cases of neuropathy.”


We really do live in an over-stimulated society. We joke about being over-caffeinated with our extra shot latte or 5 hour energy cocktails. Over-stimulation is a real issue. So let’s consider how we can restore inhibitory balance.


When we normally think of over-stimulation, we think of anxiety, panic, and maybe insomnia. But neurologically, over-stimulation also translates to muscles; and that can mean loss of muscle tone and even seizures. The goal of most prescription anti-anxiety, seizure and insomniac medications is to normalize the amino acid GABA as its primary target.


GABA is short for gamma amino-butyric acid and is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemical molecules that “ferry” nerve impulses across the synapse from one neuron to the next. Neurotransmitters are the communication molecules that turn receptors “on and off.” Since GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and “turns off” receptors, the brain becomes over excited when GABA is deficient and that can mean over stimulation neurologically.


Low GABA levels may cause you to experience panic or anxiety, feelings of dread, being overwhelmed for no reason, guilt about decisions, a restless mind, difficult time turning your mind off when resting, disorganized attention, inner tension, and excessive tendency to worry about things that don’t come to pass. It’s almost like having sufficient GABA allows us to have a sense of inner peace.


Environmentally, many factors sabotage the inhibitory effects of GABA. For example, the organ-chlorine group pesticides work by interfering with GABA receptors, making bugs actually convulse to death. Organo-chlorine type pesticides are accumulating in our foods and in our bodies as well. Significant levels have been measured in breast milk and can easily pass through the placenta.


Another toxin that interferes with GABA is the heavy metal lead. We can acquire lead from our toxic environment, manufactured goods, even foods. People who test high for levels of lead are usually surprised.


Also, some medications, particularly a category of antibiotics called quinolones, can obstruct GABA which include common brands like Cipro and Floxin.


We make GABA naturally in our body, but what should we do if we are deficient? Take a supplement of GABA? Unfortunately GABA does not cross the blood brain barrier in any appreciable amounts. Dr. Kurt Vreland, a diplomat in Neurology, suggests that only 4% of preformed GABA will cross the blood brain barrier. To get appropriate amounts you would have to take 10-15,000 mg a day. Fortunately there are some natural solutions to this dilemma, one of which is to make sure you take adequate amounts of B6.


GABA needs B6 as a cofactor. This is one of the reasons why B6 is so valuable as an adjunct to control seizures. As you might expect low levels of B6 have been known to cause seizure activity.


A good friend of mine had a brain injured child. As a baby, regardless of the drugs given, the child had repeated seizures. I mean she was given poly drug cocktails that were strong enough to stop a horse but nothing helped the seizures. However, when the child finally was given therapeutic levels of B6, her seizures miraculously stopped. (B6 Phosphate can be found here.)


Also we need adequate amounts of the amino acid taurine. But more effectively is a derivative of GABA called βetaPhenylgamma-aminobutyric acid or phenibut for short. PheniTrophic by Biotics Research Corporation is a GABA enhancing, plant based supplement yielding 300 mg of phenibut per capsule. PheniTrophic has been effective in the reduction of anxiety, seizures, insomnia and some cases of neuropathy.


In an over stimulated society and with so many GABA focused prescription drugs on the market, it’s nice to have a plant based, natural alternative. If you or someone you care about suffers with anxiety, seizures or insomnia, talk to Dr. Godo about PheniTrophic.


If you are currently taking prescription medication and have concerns about harmful side effects, Dr. Godo can help by offering safe and natural solutions. Restoring your balance of GABA can improve your quality of life and in some cases, it can be life changing. Give Dr. Godo a call, and start down a path toward wellness. It’s not only good science it makes good sense.


Dr. Jason Godo, DC


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