Let’s Strive To Speak Life-New Year’s Challenge

New Year’s Challenge-Let’s Strive To Speak Life

It’s the beginning of a New Year. As a special edition of the Wellness Minute, I’d like to take a break from our regular format and share on a more personal level. Instead of looking at a wellness topic from a nutritional viewpoint, this week, let’s venture “out” a little. This might even seem a little too far “out” for some; but on a heart level, I think everyone will understand.

To set the stage, you might say that we all have a “vibratory pattern” that is resonating in our body. In fact, everything that exists has a vibratory pattern or resonating frequency. Our bodies are made up of organs, bones and connective tissue which in turn are made up of cells. The cells are made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. The subatomic physicists tell us that even these particles are literally energy vibrating at different speeds or patterns.

Sound is also expressed in energy patterns or vibrations. I believe that’s why music moves people so deeply. It can bypass our brains and the sound or vibration can touch our soul or emotions.

The words we speak are vibratory patterns as well. If we think along those lines, we are in effect a living instrument. For example, let’s look at an acoustic guitar. An acoustic guitar has strings, a body or cavity from which the vibration is collected and reflected. Using our imagination, we could say that our bodies are like a guitar. Our soul or mind is like the strings. We tune the guitar with our belief system expressed by our dominant thoughts.

When we think, we emit electrical energy via the nervous system and then we activate biochemical pathways which turn on or off cellular function. When we speak, our lungs push air through our vocal cords and a vibration or resonating effect is transmitted to the ear of the listener.

We can look at words like musical notes or vibrations we send into the air. The ear picks up these vibrations and associates them as images, colors, emotions etc. The listener then forms pictures in their minds of the scene or situation we’re trying to communicate. In a sense, we play songs with our words.

But when we speak, we are not only creating pictures in other people’s minds, we are also creating vibrations or harmonics inside our bodies. These vibrations or harmonics affect every single cell in our bodies. Individual cells affect organ function, hormone production, immunity to disease and more.

So Dr Godo, what is all this about; and what are you trying to tell me? I am trying to tell you that you are awesome; you have the ability to change people’s lives by what you say and how you treat them. Be conscious that you have the ability to affect people at a profound level.

Like the vibrations from an instrument, our words are playing a song. What you say and “how you say it,” matters. It matters both in our bodies and to others. Our words can bring life or they can bring condemnation or guilt. When we speak with love and compassion at the end of a long day, we may be physically tired but our spirits are energized and filled with life. When we make the habit of speaking in love and compassion, our family life is richer, not only because we have something left to give, but when we dwell in that space, we are open to receive their love and compassion.

Mother Theresa had a profound effect upon people’s lives simply by loving them and treating them with dignity. None of us are going to be Mother Theresa’s but we can be intentional about loving others.

Here’s my New Year’s challenge: “How about we all strive to intentionally speak life to the people that come into our lives this year. Speak truth with love and compassion.”

Whether they are family, friend or foe, we can still show love and compassion to people in our words and actions. In a sense, I am asking all of us to be intentional with the song we are playing because not only will it affect others but we will reap the benefits as well.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Dr. Jason Godo



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