Flu Shot Alternatives

I am talking about the process of strengthening your immune system ahead of time, before you get exposed to bugs.

The “information age” has produced plenty of information. When cold and flu season arrives, so does the information; and it ranges from radio and TV ads, online blogs and social networks to family conversations and even hearsay. But regardless where the information comes from, most likely you will hear the perennial warning “its flu season, you need a flu shot.” Let’s face it, vaccinations are big business. Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars developing vaccines and bringing them to market. They also devote a large chunk of their budget to sell them, and the flu shot commercials are appealing.

On the other hand, you’ve heard others questioning whether the flu shot is safe. What do you do?  Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but as for me, I take a “wellness approach” to cold and flu season. The good news is there are “flu shot alternatives” available. Of course I am talking about the process of strengthening your immune system ahead of time, before you get exposed to bugs. I am reminded of a story Dr. John Cannell told at the IAACN conference a few years ago. Dr. Cannell is a physician at a psychiatric unit in California. Knowing the research on vitamin D and how it facilitates a healthy immune system, he placed a group of his patients on optimal levels of vitamin D. That year the flu was unusually virulent and just about everyone in the hospital got sick, nurses, support staff and patients in other areas of the hospital. Everyone that is, except his group of vitamin D sufficient patients. His patients were not affected by the flu except for minor sniffles. It was an amazing demonstration of prevention.

However, he is quick to add that vitamin D is not the cure for the flu. Dr. Cannell recommends everyone get tested for vitamin D and maintain sufficient levels to foster healthy genetic expression. Of the 20,000 genes identified, researchers say we need vitamin D for approximately 3,000 of them to function efficiently. But vitamin D isn’t the only nutrient star. The white blood cells need folic acid, B12, and zinc, to name a few, to do battle effectively. The zinc “taste test” to assess for zinc is a test that can be done for pennies. Zinc is needed for well over 100 enzymes reactions. We need zinc to make hydrochloric acid and important enzymes. Having these enzymatic reactions working properly can have far reaching effects ranging from pain reduction to reducing depression. A study published in an online medical journal indicated that high doses of zinc would help to control the release of histamine from basophile and mast cells (white blood cells that help fight invaders in the body). So zinc may be a key factor if you are allergy sensitive. If you attain sufficient zinc levels in the fall, it could make the difference in how you feel when spring allergy season comes around. So testing for zinc goes far beyond preventing or reducing flu symptoms.

In addition to vitamin D and zinc, I also recommend an immune replenishing multiple like Bio-Immunozyme Forte. You can replace your multiple vitamin altogether or just add Bio-Immunozyme Forte to support the trace nutrients that the body needs to keep the immune system in balance. We don’t want to over stimulate the immune system. Bio-Immunozyme Forte contains many of the nutrients necessary to protect against the “cytokine storm” effect which caused such devastation during pandemic flues like the one in 1910.

As you can see, a Wellness approach strengthens your body’s natural defense system-no drugs, no side effects. By nourishing our core wellsprings of health, we promote natural immunity. Ask Dr. Godo about “flu shot alternatives” and a wellness approach to preventing colds and flues. In addition to these recommendations, Dr. Godo may suggest spinal adjustments, reducing sugar intake, stress management, vitamin C or probiotics. With a Wellness approach, not only are you building your immune system and promoting healthy levels of zinc and vitamin D, ultimately you are building cellular reserves. Cellular reserves are the nutrient levels that help rebuild and repair your body. So you can enjoy the benefits even beyond cold and flu season.


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